Art of Ninzuwu Part 8: The Black Dragon Society feat. Grandmaster Ashida Kim- Now on YouTube

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Art of Ninzuwu blog page. If this is your first time visiting us here, please keep in mind that you can also use this opportunity to review some of our previous articles, and do not hesitate in sharing some of your experiences and insights by posting a comment. We wish you all the best in your spiritual endeavors. Have a great and productive day!

We are happy to announce our latest educational video presentation, Art of Ninzuwu Part 8: The Black Dragon Society feat. Grandmaster Ashida Kim. This digital-theatre episode presents many of the real-life challenges faced by initiates of the Art of Ninzuwu teachings.

It took a bit more time as we have discovered a way to present episodes of much longer length. In a recent email conversation with Sensei Kim, we were given permission to use his character that describes, in part, some of the beneficial experiences we have gained from Sensei Kim’s wisdom and work. (Please see our Interview With Grandmaster Ashida Kim)

Another interesting feature about this presentation is that every member has a strong role, Ankhara, Amazu, Aru, Arcane Obscure, Ankhara, Benjamin McInnis, Black Cea’zar, Catherine Stale, Nightcaller, Priscilla, and Rafael Barrio, all come together for a spectacular performance, as the situations presented in this video have their origin in life experiences. We would like to send a warm note of thanks for all involved. Readers can access the video by clicking on the link below. Have a blessed day!



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  1. Thanky you for new educational video. It was very strong experience.

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