Art of Ninzuwu Part 16: Utsuro-bune Is Now Available On YouTube

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We are happy to announce that another digital-theatre presentation is complete. The Art of Ninzuwu Part 16: Utsuro-bune is now available on YouTube. This is the second video in our As A Woman Thinketh Series, which was inspired by Cin Diesel.

Utsuro-bune is a historical term that is associated with a famous ufo incident in Japan, which occurred in 1803. The digital-theatre presentation begins where As A Woman Thinketh (part one) left off. Amazingly, Cin Diesel’s personality dominated part one. In this presentation, we get a spectacular performance by Radharani “Ankhara” Leoni. Another refreshing surprise is the first time appearance of Noah Chace in Utsuro-bune.

Ashida Kim also makes a guest appearance. I must say that a wonderful performance is given by all. It seems that this crew has finally melted together to create a very deep work of art that is based on real-life experiences. Rafael Barrio, Catherine Stelle, and Santoshi Tuschak, have a very strong influence.

The following digital-theatre describes the true-life experiences of practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu during their initiation and beyond. This video is for educational purposes only. Please click on the link below to see video:

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