Necronomicon New Year: Month of Marduk – Year 44: Begins October 31st 2020

The Necronomicon New Year is an intrinsic part of Ninzuwu culture and marks the time of both new beginnings and the contemplation of fresh endeavors. Traditionally, the Necronomicon Calendar is based loosely on the more ancient Babylonian Calendar, save that the Necronomicon New Year begins every year during the time of Samhain during the month of Marduk. Each month is comprised of 30 days. The days are counted in a continuum in the Vasuh numeric code. Two months in the Necronomicon calendar is counted as 60 days and etc. There is also another additional 5 days added to the 360-day year fro the celebration of The Sleep of Ishtar. The Necronomicon Calendar in Ninzuwu culture serves the purpose of noting ordinary time and seasons. The Nyarzirian Calendar, on the other hand, keeps count of the earth’s 26,000-year cycle to measure the time that it will wobble again. The years of the Necronomicon Calendar are counted based on the time that The Necronomicon by Simon.was created. Below is the opening month of Marduk- Necronomicon Year 44:


Necronomicon Yew Year: Month of Marduk – Year 44: Begins October 31st 2020

Sacred Days :

October 31st, 2020 = Necronomicon New Year (Samhain) – Full Moon in Taurus – Day of Walking

November 15th, 2020 = New Moon in Scorpio- Day of Calling

November 30th, 2020 = Full Moon in Gemini – Day of Calling

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