About Ninzuwu

The Ninzuwu is an amalgamated people of African (Moorish) and Romani descent, who define their heritage by both ancestral ties and spiritual tradition. Historically, the Romani or Roma people (also known by the derogatory term Gypsies) were shipped as slaves to the Americas with Christopher Columbus on his third voyage to Hispaniola in 1498. Later, Spain sent Romani slaves to their Louisiana colony between 1762 and 1800.  The Romanichal, the first Romani group to arrive in North America in large numbers, moved to America from Britain around 1850. Romani scholar, linguist, and political advocate Ian Francis Hancock OBE, states the following in an online article cited by Texas State Historical Association titled Roma [Gypsies], where we read:

“During the colonial period, western European nations dealt with their “Gypsy problem” by transporting them in large numbers overseas; the Spanish shipped Gypsies to their American colonies (including Spanish Louisiana) as part of their solución americana; the French sent numbers to the Antilles, and the Scots, English, and Dutch to North America and the Caribbean. Cromwell shipped Romanichal Gypsies (i.e.,Gypsies from Britain) as slaves to the southern plantations; there is documentation of Gypsies being owned by freed black slaves in Jamaica, and in both Cuba and Louisiana today there are Afro-Romani populations resulting from intermarriage between freed African and Gypsy slaves.”

 In many cases, the Afro-Romani population cited by Hancock were at times described as Creoles and in some cases Cajuns. In southern states, specifically in the areas of Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina, Afro-Roma were described as Melungeons, Native Americans, and Redbones. Due to the unprecedented world history of persecution of the Romani people, during the colonial era they often chose to remain hidden and would “pass” as Mexican, Native American, and/or southern European. This explains why in the age of DNA technology we often hear stories of African Americans who claim to have a Native American ancestor that conflicts with their ancestral report. In some cases, these people may have been Romani.

 Ironically, we find that the Roma are the only ethnicity in the world that were sent to the Americas as slaves before the horrors of the African slave trade began and were victims of the Holocaust. However, a brighter day is ahead. The Art of Ninzuwu is dedicated to the mission of cultivating and preserving the uniqueness the Afro-Romani heritage along with their primordial ancestral houses of both African and Romani peoples.

 Originally, the Art of Ninzuwu spearheaded a loose network of cultural history and mystical arts. The Art of Ninzuwu Inc. was organized for the preservation of Afro-Asiatic spiritual sciences. However, its aims have been reorganized to promote the preservation and prosperity for people of the Ninzuwu tribe while promoting the prosperity of Romani people and humanity worldwide. Today, Ninzuwu is a thriving culture with its own calendar, language, martial arts system, and spirituality.