About Ninzuwu

The Art of Ninzuwu is an alchemical martial art and Shinto esoteric cosmology that is centered upon self-transformation so as to attain the state of Ninzuwu or divinity. Although it is often associated with Japanese Shinto (due to many of its rites where the Kami are invoked), Ninzuwu is a culture all to its own. Ninzuwu contains its own alphabet, language, calendar, and martial arts system.

Its origins can be traced back to the oriental fraternities of shamans existing during the Jomon period. Its practices are founded in the science of Nyarzir (hence it is often called “The Cult of Nyarzir“), historically known as Ryujin Shinko, used for the spiritual advancement of the world and the cultivation of the individual.

The Art of Ninzuwu was rediscovered shortly after December 21st, 2012 by a shaman by the name of Messiah’el Bay (Warlock Asylum), along with a spiritualist named Rafael Barrio.

Here are a few principals concerning The Art of Ninzuwu:

  1. The use of the Art of Ninzuwu technology for purposes of self-glorification is strictly forbidden.
  2. The term “god” should not be associated with the Creator, nor defined as such. The term “god” is a title of an entity that exists within a hierarchy of beings and has nothing to do with the Creator.
  3. Race is the religion of the New World Order. People who sincerely believe in “race” and advocate for the categorization of the human family by means of such are considered evil and mentally ill in the eyes of The Art of Ninzuwu.  (The true definition of race is one’s astrological sign, which all physical characteristics fall under) The Art of Ninzuwu have created a distinct ethnic identity for themselves for this reason.
  4. The Art of Ninzuwu does not support criminal activity of any kind. Ninzuwu believes that Crime is a disease that can only be cured through the use of spiritual technology. Anyone seeking membership into our culture while engaging in criminal activities will be excommunicated and reported to authorities.
  5. Within all forms of life is an aspect of the source of all things (hermetically defined as “the all” or “the dao”), which we define as “love”. It is through the Art of Ninzuwu that this state of enlightenment in love can be achieved.
  6. The Art of Ninzuwu’s mission is to ensure the survival of Ninzuwu culture, along with the divine principles that it embodies.
  7. While we respect individuals from all religious paths, practitioners of The Art of Ninzuwu enjoy a non-religious status. The spiritual practices of Ninzuwu should not be confused with religion and its separatist ideologies.

Ninzuwu is a unique culture and serves as an ethnic identity for all share in its transformative properties and seek to bring goodness into the world.