Nine Principles of Faith

Ninzuwu acknowledges that life is the supreme being and the guiding force behind all the principles of intelligence operating in the phenomenal world.

Ninzuwu celebrates Inanna as the Mother of all people of African and Romani descent and respects her many incarnations, which include Ishtar, Joshua, and Saint Sarah.

Ninzuwu acknowledges the divinity of the Books of Nyarzir.

Ninzuwu acknowledges that the universe is the body of life and undergoes endless cycles of creation, preservation, and dissolution.

Ninzuwu acknowledges karma, the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words, and deeds.

Ninzuwu acknowledges that all life is sacred and take care in their interactions with others.

Ninzuwu acknowledges the immortality of the soul and that each soul will reincarnate until its perfection is attained.

Ninzuwu acknowledges that many fine things can be brought to fruition from communing with God and/or so-called invisible forces, but salvation can only be obtained through virtue.

Ninzuwu acknowledges racial classification as the work of evil spirits but respect for the beauty of culture and tradition should be respected.