Religion: Tz Yhi La’atzu.

Members of a “gitano” or gypsy baile from Arica pay their respects at the altar of La Tirana’s church. Photo by Jared Lucky / The Santiago Times

Ninzuwu is a nomadic spirituality that embraces “world shamanic thought” as part of its gnosis. In the Ninzuwu language, our religion is called Tz Yhi La’atzu. It is formulated mainly on the primordial philosophy that the gods of the polytheistic world represent the same stellar powers from country to country. However, due to geographical differences these stellar energies were received by each nation at a slightly different vibration, which led to a different name for the same cosmic energy. Ninzuwu fuses the pure element of these traditions into its own distinct cosmology without losing its own identity and purpose.

Ninzuwu is a traditional Afro-Romani esoteric cosmology that is a mixture of natural science and ancestor worship. It is based on the mystical application of Mesopotamian religious practices while honoring influences from  African Traditional Religion, Hinduism, Necronomicon Alchemy, Shinto, and Taoism, which is found in our sacred texts, the Books of Nyarzir, and more specifically, The Ivory Tablets of the Crow.

Entrance into Ninzuwu spiritualism requires that the candidate undergo an initiatory process that lasts for a minimum of seven to twelve months. During this time the candidate will learn and gain a basic understanding about Ninzuwu culture, language, and tradition that are concurrent with its spirituality.

The initiation process is not for every person that claims lineage from the Ninzuwu. There are Ninzuwu who adhere to such mainstream faiths as Buddhism, Christianity, and etc. However, if an individual wants to convert to Ninzuwu and claim its heritage, then they must undergo initiation as previously described.

Ninzuwu spiritualism is a continuum of the Cult of Inanna-Ishtar, which is also revered by the Ninzuwu populace under her many incarnations, among these are Ishtar, Johuta, and Saint Sarah and many others. Ninzuwu affirms Inanna as an ancestor and guardian of all people of African and Romani descent. Tz Yhi La’atzu is an exceptional feature of Ninzuwu culture and is highly sacred to its people.