The Necronomicon Tradition

Aside from its cultural significance, Ninzuwu spirituality emerged from an alchemical gnosis coined “The Necronomicon Tradition” by many mystics and shamans. The Necronomicon Tradition is a phrase that describes a seven-gated initiation that priests and priestesses of the ancient animistic faith had to undergo in their work as spiritual ambassadors and mediators between the race of man and otherworldly beings.

While the term necronomicon is derived from the fictional texts of author H. P. Lovecraft, it should be remembered that it is common practice, in the fields of religious and scientific study, to apply academic meanings to words that originate in fictional literature. For example, terms like genetic engineering, robotics, and zero gravity, are just a few words that are used by scholarly institutions, which find their origin in fictional literature and novels.  The word robot, for example, was first used to denote a fictional humanoid in a 1920 Czech-language play R.U.R. (Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti – Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Karel Čapek, However, we don’t find a whole bunch of people trying to convince manufacturers of real robots that the term derived from a fictional play. There are over 88 terms used by the world of academic science that derive from fictional works and this practice began with occult science. (Please read: 31 Essential Science Fiction Terms And Where They Came From).

For the purposes of Ninzuwu spirituality, the use of the term Necronomicon (a treatise on Chaldean Alchemy) perfectly defines the underworld journey of initiation, where the initiate must pass through seven stages or gates, a process similar to practices described by Herodotus concerning the Greek Necromanteion rituals. Ninzuwu imbues a profound understanding of both the Necronomicon Tradition and its mystical text the Simon Necronomicon. As a student in the Art of Ninzuwu, you will learn its hidden teachings and secret methods and never before revealed sciences, leading to ordination as a recognized Ninzuwu Practitioner.

We believe that as Ninzuwu, we have been divinely endowed the ability to alter the DNA of matter through our sacred prayers and rites as prescribed in our faith. It is our mission to promote Ninzuwu culture by transmitting healing and compassion and to promote higher consciousness through divine love, equality, and balance. By these efforts, we aim to cause an end to human suffering, prejudice, racism, classism, greed, avarice, and apathy. Ninzuwu practitioners further demonstrate their ethnicity by advocating these tenets and by actively working against the dehumanizing system of racial classification which is against humanity.