Ninzuwu Language

The following information pertains to the use of the mystical and sacred language of primordial forces that existed before the creation of mankind, also known as the tongue of the gods. An important aspect of the divine language that must be understood is that it is not limited to the reactionary process of sound. A sacred tongue is a telepathic process, as all experiences and impressions are. This is how everything in nature is able to relate to itself.

Originally, the gods taught their progeny a code of sounds with the intent to uplift man to the state of telepathic communication. The Genesis account of the Tower of Babel metaphorically reveals how certain Initiates used this form of communication in a corrupted way and because of this spiritual crime, a once unified esoteric school of science became fragmented. The linguistic code, used as a tool to raise the Initiate’s way of thinking from man to deity was lost, and man’s longevity was shortened by his use of fragmented forms of communication.

I must warn the reader that the use of the following by the uninitiated can be disastrous for it is an aid in employing the chthonic mind (The Crow) and one must first be initiated into The Cult of Nyarzir.  The Vasuh script can be spoken in two different distinct styles, which we will expound upon further in our discussion. Below is a simple glossary of terms and that the Initiate would do well to understand as these words and objects as they appear to them in dreams.

“But my bargaining was with the Powers that reside in each of these countries. And soon, I came to understand many things which before I had no knowledge, except perhaps in dreams.”

Vasuh Grammar and Pronunciation

Ninzuwu Language Glossary – A

Ninzuwu Language Glossary – B

Ninzuwu Language Glossary – C