Vasuh Grammar and Pronunciation

The language of the Vasuh (the jinn) is a very mystical tool that can be used for the spiritual evolution of the practitioner.  Each letter and grapheme is called an Asaru. The asaru are activated by its proper pronunciation, which is reversed to how the letter is written. Here are a few example of how the language is written versus its pronunciation:The term star as translated from the Vasuh Glossary is zhee-shki-tuu-phe, but the pronunciation is in reverse and as follows:“ehzz-eek-hss-oot-eh-ph”Thus we find that the asaru are activated by a reverse pronunciation of the written term. While the reader may find it difficult to remember the terms in the Vasuh Glossary, and then have the task of pronouncing each term in reverse, there is a very simple method of employing the language of dreams that every Initiate must remember,-is that the Vasuh language is based on the principles of mathematics.

Some practitioners have stated that the word found in the Vasuh Glossary are terms that were derived from the practice of telepathy, wherein the shaman would repeat a certain phrase while visualizing and individual and were able to alter reality. The process of how these mantras were created had a lot to do with knowing the mathematical sum of a word regardless of the language spoken. For example, the English term god can be said to have the following mathematical sum: g (7) + o (15) + d (4) = 26. This equation would translate to Nzu (7), plus 1 and 5 equals 6, since “o” is the 15th letter of the English alphabet, it is reduced to its lowest sum, which would be Phe (6), plus Hmu (4). Thus the Vasuh term for god would be nzu-phe-hmu. It’s pronunciation would then be:“ooh-zz-nn-eh-ph-you-mmh-ha”An understanding of this term comes through determining the meaning of each asaru, or letter.

Nzu = “Can be used as a protective shield, or to heal cuts and wounds. “

Phe = “It affects the quality of the emotions and useful for the arts of levitation.”

Hmu = “Increases sexual energy and the eyesight”Therefore, the English term god is translated into the Vasuh language as Nzu-Phe-Hmu meaning, a protective shield affecting the emotions, increasing sexual energy.  However, we can get a more exact meaning by reducing the sum of these asaru to its lowest value, which would be Nzu (7) + Phe (6) + Hmu (4) equals 17. We would then take 17 and reduce it as follows: Zhee (1) + Nzu (7) equal 8. Therefore, a clear definition of god is equal to 8, or the asaru Lewhu, pronounced ooh-wel. The attribute of Lewhu are as follows:

“It is used in initiating one to the divine energies of the stars.”

Thus, we find that the definition of “god” is the Initiate who uses the divine energies of the stars. It is important that the Initiate of The Cult of Nyarzir understands the importance of using this formulae to translate mystical incantations.

By use of the mathematical language of dreams, the Initiate can also interpret and communicate with the same forces that he/she are being influenced by, and what deity that they may call upon for clarity. This is the meaning of the Tablets of Destinies.