The Dream of the Fahmu

This is my own translation of the original in spanish, hope you enjoy it!

Fire of life, consume! A desert separates the dream between the Dream of Ninzuwu and the Fahmu. Divinity in one hand and the realm of the gods in the other. It is by use of the Sword of Ninzuwu that one is able to keep the divine safe and bereft of the gods in their respective kingdoms.

The Fahmu is gate into the higher realms inhabited by old gods. The abyss produced oblivion about their origin. How can the spirit remember such things? You think it’s easy?

In order  to remember you must “forget” the gods and not place focus on “worship.” The gods themselves, however, will never forget  about you, after having encountered them during your initiation into the Art Ninzuwu, as you develop the “soul,” what we call “the crow.” They are a part of us.

The desert atmosphere is clear, but focuses on crystalline forms up to three meters high, projecting itself from the ground to the sky. With the Sword of Ninzuwu you will have to cut each crystal that gets in your way, paving the way towards two Fahmu guarding the Fountain of Flames. Once there, you must answer with the following Mantra:

[Available in version where Messiah is the editor]

These words should be recited 3 times daily for 3 days in a row, and the operations which include the Soul of Fire and the Call Shamuzi must be performed. Then, you will be offered the Fire of Life, whose properties will rise above the world of men to the divinity that dwells in all vegetation, as it ascends from the underworld into the heavens. Wind divinities —Tengu, Pazuzu and windy ones— who have broken free of the gods dwelling in their kingdoms and the men by resting in the trees.

The Fahmu always remember who has set the mind to the mystical journey of nine Dreams. Pay attention to the practices of purity. Otherwise, the demons pollute the purity and power is lost over the Door of Life.

Once you’ve drunk the Immortal Fire, you must share it with your people. The one you choose should be prepared and used for drinking Fahmu (another name for the Fire of Life) by himself, because his skin is like water flowing. The Crows often share the waters of Fire with those who know the way.

And the Fahmu Chalice may be filled with the Immortal Fire anytime the intuition dictates, though the best time is prior to sleep. The formula is not hard. Push your breath —containing fire and water— out of the body, whispering [Zhee] towards the Chalice.

Understand this: the Power of the Fahmu concerns all healing arts, can learn a lot if you have so decided. 

The energies of the Fahmu are found in the transformative power of plants. Plants are notable among the divine creatures, able to transform sunlight into food and be responsible for all animal life. You can find windy spirits in the trees and all plants may well be an altar for the wind. They speak through the mind, if you do not hear try to listen while the [Zhee] vibrating en the lips, and if you still do not hear them is because you have not yet decided to do so.

Divinity is dispersed as pollen populating the earth with vegetation, this is how divinity expands home on Earth. The Title of Fahmu is received when the magician, as a strong and virile tree spreads divinity pollinating other men, which in turn helps us understand the work of the Shamuzi. This is how the self-consciousness expands in the world by the work of the Fahmu.

The Fahmu have wisdom about the abyss, knows how to  cross the desert on its constant travels between divinity and the kingdom of the gods. The traveler who wears and brings, reports of divinity and breaking gods crystals.

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7 replies

  1. I enjoyed reading this post very much. It discusses something few have an understanding of, the Fahmu.

  2. Thank you very much, Brother! This post was extremely enlightening! Many Blessings!

  3. Thanks for this post. I love understanding about nature.

  4. This seems similar to the mead of rejuvenation and poetry!

    I have tasted the sweet drink of life…all the gods and mortals seek it together, calling it Honey-Mead (madhu).The glorious drops that I have drunk have set me free in wide space….The drop that we have drunk has entered our hearts; an immortal inside mortals…
    (Rig Veda 8.48)

    And the Holy Spirit…took Zoroaster´s hand and filled it with liquid all-encompassing knowledge and said “drink it”. And Zoroaster drank it, and all-encompassing wisdom was blended within Zoroaster…and he was in the Holy Spirit´s Wisdom for seven nights.

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