Special Episode- The Art of Ninzuwu Part 7: Ame no Masuhito – Is Now on Youtube

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Art of Ninzuwu blog page. If his is your first time here, please take a moment to look at some of our previous articles, and do not hesitate in sharing your experiences and insights by posting a comment.

Today, we are happy to announce a special episode in our digital-theatre educational series. The Art of Ninzuwu Part 7: Ame no Masuhito is now on YouTube. In my personal opinion, this is probably one of the most-inspirational episodes to date, as it describes some of the recent concerns and challenges of those who are undergoing initiation in the Art of Ninzuwu.

The Art of Ninzuwu Part 7 also features some of the Initiates who have recently joined the Shrine of Ninzuwu. The characters of Hebe, Arcane Obscure, and Kelvin Alexander make an amazing debut in this true-life feature. Ame no Masuhito is define in the Encyclopedia of Shinto as follows:

“This term found in the great purification incantation (oharae kotoba) of the Engishiki uses the people of the nation of Japan as a metaphor to describe how the population of Takamanohara (the Plain of High Heaven) gradually increases. The word ame is a euphemism that does not necessarily indicate Takamanohara. It is a general term of expectation regarding the creation, formation, and growth of human beings. The word is a synonym for the term aohitokusa found in the Kojiki. As recounted in both the Nihonshoki and Kojiki, when Izanami declared she would kill one thousand people every day as revenge for Izanagi escaping from the land of Yomi (the underworld) after seeing her decaying form therein, Izanagi countered by declaring that he would create one thousand five hundred new human beings every day. Thus, people in ancient times took this as proof that they and their communities were guaranteed to prosper like green grass, thanks to the kami.”

Amazu, Ankhara. Black Cea’zar, Ben Nixx, Catherine Stelle and Rafael Barrio add a new dimension to occult philosophy in their respected roles.  Warlock Asylum and Aru some timely guess appearances as well,.

The following digital theatre describes the true-life experiences of practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu during their initiation.  This video is for educational purposes only. Please click on the link below to view The Art of Ninzuwu Part 7: Ame no Masuhito. Have a blessed day!

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  1. Great Work I agree we should connect on the forum more and build our family relationship

  2. I really enjoy the video series. I hope to see you all on the forum!

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