Warlock Asylum Interviews Antony Cummins about the Historical Legacy of the Ninja (YouTube)

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Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Antony Cummins, an author-historian who concentrates on medieval Japanese warfare and is the founder of the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team, a team dedicated to the translation and publication of historical shinobi manuals into the English language.

Conversing with Mr. Cummins was a great experience indeed. We got the chance to discuss many things concerning the historical legacy of the Ninja.Our subscribers will be happy to know that they can watch the Antony Cummins Interview directly of YouTube by clicking on the link that appears below. Stay blessed!

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2 replies

  1. I do not know if you can ask this question to Mr. Cummins, but I was wondering if he was able to uncover whether the ninja viewed their occult practices as a science or a mystical practice?

  2. This interview definitely cleared up a few misconceptions for me. The ninja was the special warfare operator of his day. I am very excited to see what the future holds for the Natori Ryu.

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