Deep in the Garden of Consciousness: Warlock Asylum Interviews The Legendary Lenon Honor

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Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with a very positive individual who uses his gifts and talents to uplift humanity and encourage prosperity and a healthy family life. Lenon Honor’s work has transformed the lives of many. His wisdom vibrates on a frequency that is beyond the categories that humans use to divide themselves into. I personally encourage all to take a serious look at the following interview, as there is something in the work of Mr. Honor that we can find in each one of us. Blessing to you all.

Warlock Asylum: It is definitely a privilege to able to have this opportunity to hear some of your insights and experiences. I am sure that many of our readers have found your work to be of great benefit. However, for those who are unfamiliar with Lenon Honor, how would you describe yourself?

Lenon Honor: I would describe myself as a family man in the first place.  My wife and I have been married for 13 years and we have 5 wonderful children.  Our oldest child is 10 years old.  Our youngest child is 3.  Over the years I have committed myself to helping people to realize their internal power so that they can live happier lives.  So in this sense I would describe myself as someone who tries his best to inspire and motivate people.  I have also done my fair share of production in the areas of music, documentaries, books, and radio shows.  I am also very much committed to improving on myself in all areas of my life.

Lenon Honor is an author, film producer, counselor and radio show host.

Lenon Honor is an author, film producer, counselor and radio show host.

Warlock Asylum: It is truly inspiring to see a man of many talents use his abilities to make a positive change in society.  A lot of your work seems to be geared towards family and personal relationships. Where did your life work begin and what factors inspired you to pursue this path?

Lenon Honor: My life work really began in my early childhood and it was the factors surrounding my early childhood that set me on my path.  My path has led me towards establishing a loving family and a positive relationship with my wife.  I was birthed into an abusive family and my childhood was a difficult one.  My father was abusive to my mother and he was also abusive to my siblings and me.  I lived in a state of perpetual fear as a child and it was during that time that I decided that I would do whatever I had to do to overcome my childhood circumstances and to ultimate establish a positive relationship with a woman and someday be a loving father to my children.  Now that I am a husband and father I do my best to help other people to realize the truth that regardless of what they may have been through they still have the power within them to become something great.

Warlock Asylum: I must say that one thing that impressed me about your work is that you seem to find some sort of fulfillment in what you do and the information that you share with others. To put it bluntly, you have a bright aura! Being that a lot of your work also involves counseling, Is it difficult to maintain such a positive demeanor? Are there any challenges that you are often faced with?

Lenon Honor: There was a time when counseling people had an adverse effect on my emotional state.  But over the years I have learned to separate myself from the emotions.  In essence my consultations are not about what I feel.  My consultations are about figuring out what my clients need in order to overcome whatever challenge that they may be facing.  Once I realized this I was able to set the emotions aside and as a result I have been able to maintain a much more positive disposition while helping people.

Warlock Asylum: You provide a lot of information in your work and writing about manhood and fatherhood. I wanted to focus on this aspect just a little bit more. This is just my humble opinion. It seems that the beauty of motherhood actually provides a medium to connect and bond together as women, as mothers. Men, however, do not seem connected as men by the shared experience of parenthood.  Do you ever find that other men may find you intimidating, speaking to them as a man on issues of fatherhood and relationships?

Lenon Honor: Yes.  There are some men who feel intimidated by me but I think that it has little to do with me personally.  I think it has more to do with the fact that my message is about the importance of men doing better and becoming better than they currently are.  For those men who are unwilling to become greater or for those men who do not believe that they can become greater, my message may be perceived as intimidating.  There are also men who are simply afraid of becoming greater because in becoming greater they will have to become more responsible.  For those men who are actively pursuing their internal greatness my message is received as inspiration rather than intimidation.

Warlock Asylum: Is there really a big difference between some of the issues that men have in comparison with women? How do you deal with these?

Lenon Honor: There are issues that are similar and there are issues that are quite different.  For instance both men and women must do the internal work needed to become prepared for a positive male/female relationship.  As an example the issue of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-value are salient issues that must be addressed by both women in men.  However, men would also need to deal with any sexist or misogynistic ideas that they may have about women.  As another example many women have adopted the notion that they must be sexy for men.  This notion does not positively contribute to the establishment of a positive relationship with men.  This being the case there are some women who would need to deal with this particular issues as they prepare for a positive relationship.  These things being said the manner in which I assist men and women in their preparation process would be both to address the collective issues and to address the gender-specific issues. 


Warlock Asylum: Writing for the Fathers of the World of Tomorrow how did this book come about?

Lenon Honor: I wrote the book because at the time I was a young father and I had many questions about manhood and fatherhood.  In my life experience my father was not there to teach me about manhood or about fatherhood.  Once my first son was born I had so many questions and I really did not have anyone to turn to.  So I looked internally and began to ask myself questions.  The answers that I found were the basis for the book.  One of the other things that I did in the book was share what wisdom I had about fatherhood, manhood, and relationships.  The idea was that I was writing all of the things that I would have wanted my father to teach me.

Warlock Asylum: Deep in the Garden of Consciousness is another book you have written, one which covers some metaphysical topics and spiritual transformation. How did this work come about?

Lenon Honor: This work came about after many years of inquiries from people concerning my thoughts about spirituality and metaphysics.  At first I was very hesitant to write the book because the topic of spirituality and metaphysics can become a distraction for people if they are not actively doing the internal work to heal themselves and transform their physical reality for the better.  I have also noticed that people tend to mystify spirituality and metaphysics and turn these things into something to externalize power to.  So I was very hesitant about writing the book.  But because people asked me to share my thoughts I went ahead and wrote the book and it has been well received.

Warlock Asylum: I can only imagine that working in the field of counseling and as a life coach must have given you insights your own experience as being a husband and father. How has your work affected your family life and some of your own personal relationships?

Lenon Honor: I have found that personal consultations have made me much more appreciative of my life.  Hearing people share with me their childhood struggles has caused me to be much more careful with my own children.  Many of my clients have struggled with issues that are sourced from their childhood traumas.  Understanding this dynamic has made me much more careful with my own children.

As for my own personal relationships I can say that conducting personal consultations have made me a much more patient person.  In helping people to resolve issues we must be very patient because we cannot expect to unravel and heal a lifetime of trauma and suffering in a 1 hour session.  Therefore, patience is always in order.


Lenon Honor demonstrates the greatest form of spirituality, the family unit.

Lenon Honor demonstrates the greatest form of spirituality, the family unit.


Warlock Asylum: One of my favorite quotes from The Demon’s Sermon on Martial Arts by Issai Chonzanshi goes as follows:

“The Way of the Gods is to respect purity. Thus, the person who employs and celebrates the deity only prays that his own mind becomes more and more pure with the help of the influence of the deity’s power.”

This quote came to mind after watching on of your YouTube videos. I believe it was on the subject of cheating. In any event, I remember you going into this topic about not letting toxic things into our minds and hearts. How did you develop such universal spiritual insight?

Lenon Honor: This is an important topic and I think that we will all do well to be clear that much of the toxicity that we find in our minds and in our hearts is the result of what we do day by day.  We can choose to view a toxic television show and we are responsible for letting this level of toxicity into our hearts and minds.  We can choose to watch a toxic movie and we are responsible for letting this level of toxicity into our hearts and minds.  We can develop and hold on to toxic relationships and we are responsible for letting this level of toxicity into our hearts and minds.  In this sense we are responsible for our own purity of heart and mind and we can choose to live a pure life or we can allow our life to become contaminated with toxicity.

These things being said I came to this realization once I recognized that, to a great degree, the suffering that I was experiencing in my adulthood was the result of the toxicity that I allowing into my life.   Once I realized that I was responsible for allowing this toxicity into my life I could no longer see myself as a victim.  In letting go of the victim mentality I knew that I had the power to change my life experience for the better.  In knowing this truth, I set myself on path to the purification of my thoughts, my words, my actions, and my heart. 

 Warlock Asylum: Who were some of your greatest influences?

Lenon Honor: There have been many people who have influenced and inspired me throughout my life.  Here is a short list:

John Coltrane:  Coltrane had a profound impact on my sense of spirituality especially within the context of music, vibration, and sound.    He was also a prolific practitioner of his craft and presents a remarkable example of how focus, determination, and consistent practice can transform the practitioner into a greater being.

Ravi Shankar:  Indian Classical music is one of my favorite musical genres and the sitar master Ravi Shankar was one of the first Indian musicians that I heard whose music was sourced from the Indian Classical genre.  In short, Indian Classical music brings me peace.

Eric Dolphy:  The Jazz flutist and saxophonist Eric Dolphy was considered to be a master musician.  He was also said to have been a very kind and respectful human being.  I found inspiration in the fact that he was kind and respectful to people.  Over the years I have tried my best to treat people in a kind and respectful way.

Bruce Lee:  One of the things that I found remarkable about Bruce Lee was that he was exceptionally wise.  I consider him to be a profound philosopher and his intellectualization of the Martial Arts is something that I admire.

James Newton:  James Newton was my primary music teacher from the age of 16 to the age of 22.  He had a profound impact on my development as a musician and as a man.  In a sense, he was the father that I never had.

Malcolm X:  What impressed me the most about Malcolm X was his growth process.  He was one of those rare individuals who never stopped growing.  He was also intellectually gifted and had a powerful ability to communicate as an orator. 

My Mother:  Throughout my life my mother was a major inspiration.  She has overcome extreme hardships and has become one of the most loving and giving people that I have ever known.  I hope to be more like her someday.


Warlock Asylum: Another one of your talents is music. How did you get into making music and what sort of themes do you project in you material?

Lenon Honor: I come from a family of musicians.  My father played the trumpet, trombone, flute, and piano.  I have uncles who played music and my mother’s father was a musician.  Music was always something that was encouraged in my household.  Initially I wanted to play the alto saxophone but my mother could not afford one.  Luckily my Aunt had a flute that she gave to me when I was 8 years old.  Most of my flute music has a spiritual quality to it.  I have also produced albums of music wherein I sing songs.  Most of my songs project positive relationships, fatherhood, and love.

Warlock Asylum: There are many people who may not be familiar with the Art of Ninzuwu, other than its association with Eastern spirituality. In any regards, what advice would you give to practitioners of the art in their endeavors to reach out to the community and dismantle fear-based programming through spiritual practices?

Lenon Honor: I would say that part of self-mastery is to realize that negative emotions should not be so great that they master our lives.  In this sense, I would encourage all practitioners of self-mastery to continue to develop their ability to master their emotions.  Philosophically speaking the mastery of emotions can be realized through the mastery of the mind and this is where the disciplining of our thoughts becomes so very important.  When we master our thoughts we master our reality.  When we master our reality we can make a conscious choice not to succumb to negative emotions and therefore not succumb to fear.

New book by author Lenon Honor

New book by author Lenon Honor

Warlock Asylum: I hear that you recently published another book. Can you tell us about this and some other projects that you might have going at this time?


Lenon Honor: My most recent book is titled “The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program” and delves into the psychological implications of September 11th, 2001.  My main focus is to assist people in understanding the subconscious fear that is associated with the event and how it is important that we heal ourselves of such fear so that we can live empowered lives. 

I should add that the trauma of September 11th, 2001 is very much underestimated.  In point of fact mass media induces fear in the global population within the 6 weeks leading up to the anniversary of September 11th, 2001.    The induction of fear is done through “trigger stories” which trigger the unresolved subconscious trauma of September 11th, 2001.  You will find that people will be more fearful during the 6 weeks leading up to September 11th then at any other period during the year.

My next book is titled “Visions of Manhood”.  In this book I will be sharing my journey from being a traumatized boy who lived in fear to becoming an honorable who lives with courage.  I hope to have the book completed by the end of this year.

Lenon Honor works hard at making the vision real.

Lenon Honor works hard at making the vision real.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to see and hear about Lenon Honor in the future?

Lenon Honor: I hope to continue to be of service to people for as long as possible.  One of the reasons why I am so committed to this work is because I have a passion for helping people.  I want to be of service.  I want to help people to live happy lives.  Part of living a happy life is living a life that is not negatively influenced by fear.  And so my future will be to keep helping people as I raise my family with courage and in love.

Warlock Asylum: I would like to extend a warm thanks to you for taking the time to share some of your wisdom and answer a few questions. We wish you and your family all the best! Any final thought or words of advice you would like to leave us with?

Lenon Honor: I would like to share something that a movie character once said about fear. “Fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering.” ~ Yoda If we wish to live a happy life then we must live without suffering.  If we wish to live without suffering then we must live without fear.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you and your audience.  Peace and many blessings. 

On behalf of the Shrine of Ninzuwu, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation and thanks to Mr. Honor and his family for all their hard work and effort, which has been such a blessing to all. Readers can discover more about Lenon Honor and his work by tuning in to his website

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