Purification of Water and Fire: The Rites of Immortality


Before any advanced rites in the Art of Ninzuwu are performed the initiate must first begin every rite with the Opening of the Sea Ceremony and the Soul of Fire Prayer.  These two exercises are the foundation of the Art of Ninzuwu and everything proceeding them builds upon them.  Without a strong foundation a structure cannot stand the test of time.  The ancient and timeless cities of Nyarzir, Vasuh and Ut are the twin cities of water and fire.  Calling these cities a life tree, links the elements of fire and water directly to the cultivation of immortality, which is emotional, mental and spiritual purity.

“It is said that the name of this place is called Vasuh and Ut, the twin cities of water and fire, recorded in the histories of men, as a life tree.” – Ivory Tablets of the Crow

“The Temple must be made from the precious elements that stand around thee in the Land of Zasosu.  Its foundation must be constructed from the rocks of fire that fill the land.  Its walls should be set up with water and wind.  Its roof must be made from the precious gems that you will find when digging the sky.” – Ivory Tablets of the Crow

Even the structures of these buildings the initiate will construct for the Zasosu are said to be formed of crystals, precious metals, water, wind and fire.  Immortalist traditions seem to have a universal recognition on the importance of water and fire, whether they take a literal or metaphorical perspective.  Physical bathing is an essential task for any priest who is preparing to exercise a spiritual rite.  Water not only cleanses the physical body, but also the energy of the subtle body when cold.  Bathing helps to remove energy blockages in our auras that may contribute to the development of various diseases.  The same can be said of fire, yet fire purges the aura of certain types of blockages that water is not able to remove, and so both are needed.  Sitting around a camp fire has benefits for the subtle body.  The use of these twin elements for purification is for the increase of longevity and health.  Yet we must not forget the importance of the spiritual fire and the spiritual water as well.

Metaphoric water and fire is known as Kan and Li in Daoist tradition and relates to the water and fire trigrams of the Yi Jing, but also Yin and Yang.  Instead of Yin and Yang always being represented as black and white, it was once more often represented as blue and red.  The Daoist Master Ni is quoted saying “Fire and Water purifies the 10,000 things”.  The ‘10,000 things’ are the sum of all things emerging from the convergence of the Yin/Water and Yang/Fire energies.

Master Ni: “Most pursue happiness and long life. Target of Taoist Alchemy is Immortality. How? Fire & Water purify the 10,000 things. Spirit practices intention.”

What does he mean when he says ‘Fire & Water purify the 10,000 things.’ This is a technical statement from Taoist Alchemy. The ‘10,000 things’ represent everything – in this case all those things that block us from perceiving clearly and manifesting cleanly.

Here is a blog on the importance of the water and fire trigrams and their interrelation to each other:

Some people in the West first heard about Kan and Li as Taoist meditation from master Mantak Chia. Kan (坎: 010) and Li (離: 101) are the bottom and top trigrams when the eight trigrams are arranged in a circle. There are many metaphors to represent the concept of Taoist mediation and Kan & Li being one. The use of metaphors can create a mythical feeling more conducive to getting results from deep meditation. The issue for the modern man (meaning one who, fortunately or unfortunately, is rational and scientific in orientation) is how to be benefited from a deep meditation system despite his rationality. To achieve this objective, a modern man needs to understand the logic behind such metaphors. So, why Kan and Li?

In I-Ching, Kan signifies female, worldly, and water, with a bit of male (signified by “1”) inside; Li signifies male, spiritual,and fire, with a bit of female (signified by “0”) inside. In Taoist meditation, step one is for Kan to send “1” to fill/replace Li’s “0”, step two is for Li to send “0” to fill/replace Kan’s “1”, and step three is for Li and Kan to merge together to ultimately form Tao.

So the Dao itself is formed from the merging of Yin and Yang, Kan and Li or Spiritual Water and Spiritual Fire.  The Dao is the substance that permeates all being and the cultivation of Dao is what gives the ‘gods’ their divinity.  The substance of soul itself is birthed from the union of spiritual fire and spiritual water. Daoist Master Mantak Chia  author of The Practice of Greater Kan and Li: Techniques for Creating the Immortal Self has written extensively on use of the Greater Kan Li practices to cultivate an ‘Immortal Fetus’ through the Soul and Spirit Bodies of the practitioner.  Here is a quote from a blog on Kan Li Practices and the cultivation of the ‘Immortal Fetus’:

Greater & Greatest Kan & Li – Creating The Spirit Body

The highest level of Kan & Li practices are used to catalyze the formation of an Immortal Fetus, and transfer it into a Spirit Body — a very subtle body which can function independently of the physical body, and into which one can transfer ones consciousness at the moment of death. Highly accomplished practitioners are able also to transfer part or all of their physical form into this subtle body – making it more-or-less equivalent, or at least similar, to the Tibetan Rainbow Body practice.

To bring in back home, I will post the 64th Hexagram from the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan:

Sixty-Fourth Hexagram

The Flame of Tengu: Wei Ji

The Flame of Tengu: Wei Ji

Fire over Water.  The Prophet understands that the journey is not complete.  A Prophet is not the end of the journey for there are hidden treasures in the depth of the sea, though forbidding.  Use of discernment is an accessory in finding success.

The Sixty-Fourth letter of Genghis Khan to the Magicians of the Yi Jing:

The Prophet is not the end of the journey, but has taken the wise course, as he is armed with Fire.  A Prophet is a Prophet, but the arts of immortality are not the way of the prophet in itself. One step on the journey is not the journey itself.  The Art of Ninzuwu is the Art of Fire and Water.  It is written in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“Know that all things exist in water, and that water is the space that the Dream exist in.  Fire is the power that radiates its influence over the Dream, and the ancients would create “gods” out of those that shine the brightest.”

Here also are some short excerpts from the 63rd Hexagram, Water over Fire:

Sixty-Third Hexagram

The Water of Ajisukitakahikone: Ji Ji

The Water of Ajisukitakahikone: Ji Ji

The ability to create a good experience is the best weapon against misfortune.  Water over Fire.

The Sixty-Third Letter of Genghis Khan to the Magicians of the Yi Jing:

The acquisition of immortality is a very simple equation.  Is it possible for the practitioner of these sacred arts to become something more than the sum of their experience?  This is the equation of immortality. […] Acquiring the Eye of Knowing is a process and when it is obtained, one can use such to create their own experience.  This is not achieved by some ritual, but must come in the way of natural things, like the milk from a woman’s breast nourishing her child.

One step on the journey is not the journey itself, because the cultivation of immortality is an ongoing process.  The purification of our souls is a never ending work that we must approach mindfully.  This is why we begin all of our rights with the cleansing of spiritual water and the purging of the spiritual fire.  Water and fire, the elements of immortality are elements of purification and reminders of the constant work on our selves that must be done, for the journey is a never ending work in progress. Through the internal dance of spiritual water and fire, like Tamayori-hime-no-Mikoto we cultivate the Immortal Child, the substance of our soul.  The Art of Ninzuwu is the Art of Water and Fire, and therefore the Art of Immortality.

kan Li LOGO2

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  1. Excellent post! I must have read this post few times. I like how you incorporated the Yi jing Apocrypha in the article as well. I got some work to do!

    • Thank you Warlock. I also noticed something about the Water and Fire Trigrams that I was thinking about adding to the article, but I’ll leave it here as a comment.

      In Ame-no-Ukihashi: The Ancient Martial Art of Ninzuwu it says this about the Soul of Fire

      “The Soul of Fire is the foundation of the Art of Ninzuwu. In this world, Fire appears in Heaven and Water on Earth. Follow the course so that Water can be seen in Heaven and Fire on Earth.”

      The Water Trigram is written [broken line , full line, broken line] and Fire is written [full line, broken line, full line]. Of course the Heaven Trigram is 3 full lines and Earth is written as 3 broken lines. When the middle broken line of Fire replaces the full line of Water it becomes Earth. And when the middle full line of Water replaces the middle broken line of Fire, it becomes Heaven. So the middle line of Water is seen in Heaven and the middle line of Fire on Earth when the Fire and Water Trigrams have intercourse, which is the process of Soul of Fire exercise.


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