The Genealogy of God By Warlock Asylum Is Now Available on Amazon

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Cover image from Warlock Asylum's new book, The Genealogy of God, a text every atheist, religious adherent, and spiritual practitioner should have.

Cover image from Warlock Asylum’s new book, The Genealogy of God, a text every atheist, religious adherent, and spiritual practitioner should have.

Today, we are happy to announce the release of The Genealogy of God: Shamanic Essays Concerning The Secret Origins of God, Religion, and Being Three-Fifths of a Man by Warlock Asylum. This book reveals a very rare history that is essential for every atheist, occultist, religious adherent, and shaman. The Genealogy of God is a book not limited to religious belief or spiritual practice. The book description tells is all:


“Messiah’el Bey (Warlock Asylum) shares a rare knowledge about the true origins of God, religion, and humanity from a shamanic perspective. This literary journey examines life before ancient Babylon and the occult origins of the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Genealogy of God not only illustrates how the Fall of Man began with the worship of God, but reveals the true aim of modern religion, its submission to the forces of evil, and how it is able to hide the genocide it perpetrates. This work is also useful in understanding the principles of true spirituality. The text covers a wide range of topics and offers us a glimpse of some very rare information that the faithful servant of religion and the atheist can both enjoy.”

I would also like to inform potential readers that the print version has one hidden chapter, which is not available in the kindle version. Thank you all for your support of the years. The Genealogy of God is now available at the following links:

Paperback: The Genealogy of God

Kindle: The Genealogy of God

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