The Tao of Sexual Hypnosis -Is Now On YouTube

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We are happy to announce the release of The Tao of Sexual Hypnosis. This is another great digital-theatre production that touches on some of the hidden aspects and meanings of sexual behavior in this brief, but very effective animated synopsis.

The Tao of Sexual Hypnosis is also an experimental project, exploring technology’s effect on human sexuality. While the movie doesn’t exhibit any overt sexual graphics, the production is for mature audiences. Parental discretion is advised.

Without revealing too much of the production’s content, we definitely find some valuable gems about the journeys of three women, Kamala Alexander, Santoshi Tuschak, and Radharani “Ankhara” Leoni. The film, however, is amazingly cynical in its approach. Another jewel of this presentation is the guest appearance of Erica Diaz. Her persona in this presentation makes for bright and thoughtful moments.

We would like to send our deepest appreciate for all those who participated in this production. The following digital-theatre describes the true-life experiences of practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu during their initiation and beyond. This video is for educational purposes only. The video can be viewed at the following link

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  1. This is like sooo epic, I need more popcorn for the second go! 😀

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