Validating The Art of Ninzuwu – An Eternal Process

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Validation of the Ninzuwu

Validation of the Ninzuwu

“Know that every civilization comes into this world in the manner of the Unborn. Each city exists in a place not known to time and then descends upon the realm of man as a kingdom, through some act of war, or a great migration. Do not worship these things like men do, for it is a forbidden art which keeps the soul bound to useless things.” – The Ivory Tablets of the Crow.

There is certainly benefit in reviewing the understanding of those who have preceded us in the work. We often find posts about those who are known for their work of spiritual cultivation. It is good in many respects to share these observations. However, it should also be made aware that the work is always happening now and cannot be validated by things that existed in the past for all aspects of life are happening now and all elements in life are the same though they may appear to change. The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, states:

“Know that while the things in this world may appear to change, they are still in the same place. A glance between the creator and creation is the cause of time. Things appear to change, but they are still in the same place. Once consciousness is born the cycle ends and that which is aware no longer finds salvation in temples of prayer.  Heaven is the condition of our spirits. What crimes have we allowed to exist in the cities and villages of our minds? Surely, these populations live in fear for this is how the world is judged. When the abundance of wickedness that permeates within the mind destroys the spirit, the world will no longer exist. Immortality for us is the act of preventing a dark cloud from entering the residence of the soul, allowing the spirit a peaceful place to heal while basking in the light of eternity. “

I received a lot of my training from Taoists years before learning about Sumeria and other magical practices. The thing is that Taoists usually do not identify themselves as such, and what is often called teaching is labeled as the “work,” for there is where the true teachings can be found. Everyone has their own understanding of the Art while he foundation is the same. However, I am often surprised at how people confirm their beliefs, which is often by comparison to an older religion. The question would only arise in my mind, is by what method have they used to validate the ancient belief in which they are comparing Ninzuwu with? Life and its teachings are always occurring at this moment right here and now. I have also used ancient paradigms to illustrate a point, but this is not in reference to validation. My faith is firm.

When we are aware of life, then we are aware that all that exists in the past exists in life today. One would truly be living in an illusion if they are to think that enlightened men and woman are not alive in the world today. In fact, when we have grasped a deeper understanding of life and know life on a personal level, we can even say that those of great enlightenment still exist in the world today. Life will always have its, enlightened ones as well as its serial killers. How so?

Many of the cells in the human body are replaced every so often. The Yi Jing Apocrypha’s statement; “Know that while the things in this world may appear to change, they are still in the same place. A glance between the creator and creation is the cause of time,” is validated by modern science., on the subject of cell regeneration, states:

“Recent research has confirmed that different tissues in the body replace cells at different rates, and some tissues never replace cells. So the statement that we replace every cell in the body every seven years or every ten years is wrong. Using a revolutionary new technique (described below), researchers have shown that:…Neurons in the cerebral cortex are never replaced. There are no neurons added to your cerebral cortex after birth. Any cerebral cortex neurons that die are not replaced.”

In the same way that cells are replaced periodically in the human body, so too are the principles of Heaven and Earth, manifesting in the lives of men and women, replaced in human society, some more abundant that others. For example, we find that at certain periods of human history there existed more people who are enlightened than at other times. In these same societies we find also that there may exist some who are more involved in crime than at others times. These “principles of human existence, however, will always be replaced like the cells of our bodies, for it is a part of the organ of life itself. The mind of life, like the neurons in the cerebral cortex, is never replaced.  Based on such, we can say that true awareness is void of the infatuation of what was before, but in understanding that these principles of life have always been with us, but manifest themselves through different individuals in all ages.

If we become so preoccupied in the aesthetics of what was before, we will never be able to see that the existence of these principles that inspired many of the great spiritual teachers in the world have never left us and that this same work is being carried out just as diligently today, as it was in times of old. It is by the practices and cultivation of virtue and purity that our eyes can remain open to see the principles of life for what they truly are and that they have always been with us.

The term Ninzuwu is defined in the Vasuh language as meaning “Magicians of the Yi Jing,” or one who is able to navigate through life changes. This navigation is a work of cultivating purity and virtue, for these are the double edges of the Sword of the Ninzuwu. We are well aware that what dies has never come back to life in the same form, yet its principle has always been with us. Therefore, we can resurrect these principles in us while disregarding what is not useful.

There exists a record of many ancient peoples, who claimed descent from a highly esteemed society, but called themselves differently after having removed themselves from the direct experience of the said society. Anything that has a name has a particular function. Anything with a name also has a beginning and an end. Yet, many dedicated themselves to named cultures, not out of ignorant infatuation for some biased history, but knew that such machines were vehicles of human society and would make sure the preservation of a particular understanding and teachings of the Book of Changes. Today, we have this same responsibility as Ninzuwu. Instead of trying to resurrect the corpse of ancient civilizations, something that our ancestors would look upon with disfavor, we have the opportunity to build a new world through a vehicle that preserves an understanding of these everlasting principles of Heaven and Earth and how they are to be used by humanity.

“Know that the Workers of the Miraculous Arts in the world before saw these things in parable, and gave each feeling a name, thereby binding it to a particular function. It was then that the spirit was free to rise up back to its throne again. Is it not written; “That what is Old shall replace what is New?  What side must thou take between feelings if the spirit is still in bondage? There is no freedom in such things. Just take what is not useful and plant it in a good place.”

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