Dance of the Dragons. . .

In the beginning of an initiatory practise, the individual sets out to reach a state of purity aspired to….it is a journey that takes one into the depths of psychological and emotional change, with many ups and downs. These highs and lows of the experience are necessary to the journey of transformation. We encounter points of reflection at times that may spawn resistance …. But when we see them from a different perspective, we begin to understand that this resistance is actu,ally attachment. It is a clinging to ….of past hurts, many times, of being treated unjustly, past disappointments, unmet expectations, unreciprocated emotions… These are but a few of the myriad attachments one may cling to unconsciously that represent a story …..that story is played within the mind and reflected in repeating themes in ones life. These stories, these attachments become ingrainedi in the very fibre of ones being…indeed, they become a part ones own dna, the genetic story which passes on through generations and that which broadcasts a frequency throughout ones life experience. That which shapes, is that which we cling to…the underlying current of core beliefs.

Having understood this….let us approach this matter in the way of the Ninzuwu and be both spiritual and practical. How does one change the alchemy of the Spirit, Body and Mind? It is a method of cleansing and release….it is a technique of non-resistance, allowing oneself to accept the difficult thing, the disappointment, the negative experience ..allowing the experience to pass through oneself, acknowledging it and coming to that state of consciousness where one can accept and forgive. We find within The Sacred Text of the Ghost Dragon Kotodama(Warlock Asylum), a very simple and useful prayer for forgiveness. This prayer must become ones friend and ally throughout the initiatory process and furthermore, throughout life. Acceptance and forgiveness. ….the acknowledgment that we are Spiritual beings living in this finite human experience ….means we know with an unswerving depth, that while this human experience exists on a finite frequency, we as Divine spiritual beings, are infinite. The aggregate of our human experiences exist on a continuum and this leads us to newer expressions of understanding. The embrace of Forgiveness comes like a long lost lovers hug, a complete liberation of the past wrong doings and undoings …a total release into multi dimensional Freedom. Why, you may wonder, do I use the term multi dimensional Freedom? Simply for this energetic reality…that which we do not forgive, that which we cling to as a fettered attachment, while it no longer serves any useful purpose, perpetuates its frequency, it’s recurrent theme, it’s “story” through lifetimes, through cells, through self perception and relationships, and informs the atmosphere and cells of our Being.

The initiatory journey of the Ghost Dragon Kotodama is one which leads self to explore self through varying degrees of consciousness, introspection and retrospection. The true journey begins when one is surrendered unto Forgiveness thereby becoming purified, and can approach each Dragon as a yielded conduit thereby giving the Celestial energies residing in the Starry realms a vessel through which to express Divinity in the human dimension.

Upon this Work, one may enter the dance of the Dragons, in conjunction with accompanying state of purity of mind, spirit and body. It is in this state of Grace, that we begin the Resurrection of the Ghost Dragons.


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  1. Hey this is a confirmation of what I have been going through, thanks for sharing and your insight was great.

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