Sign of Nudzuzhi: Revelation of a Tantric Calendar

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Nyarzirian Calendar (Calendar of Mu) A Key of Tantric Measurement

Nyarzirian Calendar (Calendar of Mu) A Key of Tantric Measurement

We have just arrived at the Sign of Nudzuchi, and according to Ninzuwu Tradition, this is a time for initiation. Soon we must prepare for “Zuho,” the Nyarzirian New Year on March 19th 2017. While the Sign of Nudzuchi is the last sign of the Nyarzirian Calendar, also known as the Calendar of Mu, it is in this season of Nudzuchi where the Ninzuwu must prepare for the year to come and an initiation to embrace.

According to the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, Nudzuzhi is the energy that atop the trigram of Kun (Earth). Its gate-keeper, or mediator, is the lustful entity, better known as the Ayaqox.  The Vasuh letter and chakra corresponding to Nudzuchi is Hmu, the Heart Chakra (portal). This gives us three aspects to “master” in memorization during the Sign of Nudzuchi and also come to an understanding of its cosmology.  The key to understanding the trigram of Nudzuchi and its energy pattern can be understood best from the description given to us in the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, where we read:

“There exists the Fire of Heaven in all things, and all things will attract to itself a particular experience, due to the nature of the fire that emanates from all matter, whether it is in motion or still. Know that there was a time when women possessed such knowledge and due to such were able to place in category that which emanated the highest degree of the Flame of Heaven according to its influence over the environment. These things were done so that the said forces could be curbed and cultivated for the benefit of man. Nudzuchi and the Priests and Priestesses of her dominion are teachers of these things.”

Our foundation, Earth (Kun), is where our heart lies, for we draw to us experiences based on the gravity contained in our hearts.  In the 101 Moorish American Questionnaire, in regards to the Moslem deity Allah, we read:

  1. Who is ALLAH? ALLAH is the Father of the Universe.
  2. Can we see Him? No.
  3. Where is the nearest place we can meet Him? In the heart.

The foundation of all authentic traditions of esoteric study begins with the heart. If Nudzuchi holds entrance to the Kingdom of Nyarzir, as her Vasuh letter is the ruler of the heart chakra, then it stands to reason that our cultivation and entrance into the Realm of Nyarzir depends on our disposition of the heart.

The Sign of Nudzuchi is the last sign of the eight “months” contained in the Nyarzirian Calendar that is reached before the New Year, which is called Zuho in the language of Ninzuwu. It is interesting to note that Zuho means divinity in the language of Ninzuwu.  This means that one must pass through the “Sign of the Heart” before entering a State of Divinity. Yet there are stages within the heart that must be cultivated before one can transcend mortality.

In Ninzuwu cosmology, we learn that the “ghost element” is the ruling factor of the consciousness of life, wherein all living things dwell.  In The Sacred Text of Ghost Dragon Kotodama, we are told:

“We descend from a space that is beyond the stars, an etheric platform that knows not death. This is where the science of the ghost element originates. It is a sexual realm and was studied by those who constructed Tachikawa-ryu (立川流).”

The Ayagox is the possessor and mediator of the Realm of the Ghost Element. It is by metaphysical intercourse with the Ayaqox that we are able to draw forth this passion inside of us that regulates our desires and experiences. In the same way that our metabolism is ruled by the Sun, so too, is our sexual (divine) being ruled by the ghost element, which is measured by the Nyarzirian Calendar. And it is this principle that makes the Art of Ninzuwu a unique cosmology among traditional systems. Whereas many forms of alchemy engage either in death energy or nature spirits, Ninzuwu encompasses and embraces the sexual current of the consciousness of life as its gnosis. The letter Hmu signifies the heart chakra and is defined in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow as capable of increasing sexual energy, improving eyesight, and a letter used to travel to other worlds. Let us spend time in the work of self-cultivation, so that we can align with our greatest good based on the truths revealed in the Art of Ninzuwu.

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