Understanding Ninzuwu Quekanuit: What Is The Empty Space of the Warrior?

“Quekanuit is said to be the Empty Space of the Warrior. It is a place that is empty of images and things usually perceived by the mind.” The Ivory Tablets of the Crow

Internal peace is an empty space.

It is good to examine the meaning of Quekanuit in a practical manner that is useful for day-to-day living. The “empty space of the warrior” is the space between inhalation and exhalation. In other words, it is a place of peace, a place where conflicting thoughts do not dwell.

Most of the section on the Quekanuit is about observing and looking at the processes of the mind.We are told that this stage of consciousness is empty of “things usually perceived by the mind.” Quekanuit is a level of consciousness that doesn’t involve the mind. In The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, it is said that when one enters this realm the mind will take on a thousand forms symbolically described as an “army of souls.” The mind is a tool of navigation, not enlightenment. Definitely, we should engage in the work of cultivating our minds and hearts so as to avoid impure thinking and the effects it can have. However, in the science of Ninzuwu, instinct is equated with enlightenment. The Ivory Tablets warns us about using the mind for something it is not, called “the land of young children.” Innocent are they, but one degree off in understanding leads to miles of confusion.

Since Quekanuit has power over the mind, we can use it settle a mind plagued with warring thoughts by reciting the name “Quekanuit” twenty-one times. This is followed by repeating the word HMU-SHKI-AUM (transformation) seven times. I often utilize this exercise even in public or in travel – bon appetite!

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