Warlock Asylum’s Open Letter To The Black Conscious Community

Dear Black Conscious Community:

Wafubeh (Greetings in Ninzuwu)! I would like to thank each and every individual for taking the time to investigate the material contained herein. My purpose in writing this is to present an awareness of a spiritual technology that is being used against people of Moorish descent. Whether they identify themselves as Africans, Black Atheists, Black Panthers, Black Power Movement, Gods and Earths, Hebrew Israelites, Kemetians, Moorish Americans, Muslims, Nuwaubians, Yorubas, Zulus, and etc, all representations of modern-day tribalism can benefit from this information.

The brutal suffering faced by the so-called Negro in the Western world has always found a way to reinvent itself with the changing times. It is due to crimes of this nature that each generation is forced to embrace the pain of their forefathers. Perhaps many of the issues facing African-Americans, the Black Community, and Moors, has a lot to do with our ignorance of an oppressor’s ghostly intent.

I grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness home. During the early stages of my adult life, I left the religion after experiencing a near-death car accident. I found myself thirsty for knowledge and information that would explain the conditions of our people. This desire led me to a path where I vowed to keep no stone unturned.

After having walked a few paths, which the “conscious community” holds dear, I began to reflect on my indoctrination into the “conscious community.” Maybe it would be better to learn and study the seven Hermetic laws than remember the personal details of someone who is revered by an organization. Shortly after pondering these things, I began to study a rare form of shamanism. This investigation into a study of the hidden laws of nature, and its accompanying initiation, led to my confirmation of a lot of the information that Noble Drew Ali and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught their followers.

Today, dark clouds are looming over an entire ocean of so-called Negroes. A storm is coming that no Black activist is prepared to face. I can go on the internet and watch debates between various elements of the conscious community, men and women who believe that the salvation of our people can only come by being indoctrinated in either a religion, or a philosophy. Maybe more can be gained by observing what a particular point of view has to offer rather than how it is different from our own mechanical set of emotional ideas.

Too make matters worse, we find that debates, like the ones entertained by the “conscious community,” serve as the perfect food for COINTELPRO. Once that bullet is fired against one member of a “conscious group” at a debate by a government agent, posing as a member of a different conscious group, the conscious community will reveal how unconscious it can be to the entire world.

For the most part, members of the African-American “conscious community” have good intentions. However, I find it sad that these debates have turned brothers into “devils” just because they may be of a different faith, or own an opposing vision when it comes to terms of color. Yet in still, these brothers are not putting a gun in a teenager’s hand and encouraging them to kill another black youth in order to become a member of a gang. Instead of the “conscious community” addressing such behavior as the true “race traitor,” it continues to punk out of the real struggle by trying to throw a current problem on an ethnic label from the past. Surely, the entertainment that genocide breeds is no laughing matter.

Question? What were the religious and philosophical beliefs of those African-Americans that built Black Wall Street in the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma? Ah yes, they were Christians who didn’t have all of the information that many people in the “conscious community” are so quick to use in their labeling a fellow man unconscious. Perhaps it was their Christian beliefs that was the cause of their tragedy, something we’ll examine in our list of solutions. Economic empowerment is the result of adhering to certain principles, one being a love for our own people.

Warlock Asylum’s Open Letter To The Black Conscious Community

Ignorant of certain laws that exist outside the five senses, the “conscious community” is left unaware that the so-called Negro is being destroyed by how he receives the knowledge it propagates. Your emotional state creates your reality. So when the great meeting is on and people leave what can truly be called the greatest show on earth angry, due to the “factual information” that was being expounded upon during an event, little do they know that it is this very same anger that serves as a breeding ground for poverty. In a previous work published by the author, entitled, The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, we find the following definition of the Sixty-First Hexagram appropriate for our discussion:

“A lie is when a Fool relates an account in history that did exist, but the discussion over these things produces a bad emotion in the man who listens to such. This is the lie. The Fool has two tongues, for he speaks accurately of a history, but the meaning of such speeches brings a dark cloud into the heart of the listener, even though the history being taught by the Fool did occur. This is a lie, for it has bred an evil emotion in the heart of the listener. And the Fool will continue to promote his truth as a truth among the Common-folk who will accept it as such. The truth of the Fool is a lie in the Court of Heaven and a means of spiritual attack on the unwary.”

While it is good to learn the facts about past events, history, and etc, the true value of such knowledge is in harnessing the principles that help us live a prosperous life. In other words, once the facts have been expounded upon, provide an effective solution for the empowerment of all those in attendance. In becoming a shaman, one of the things that I had to learn was how to detect forces of influence. If a spiritualist constantly reveals bad omens without providing an effective solution, it is understood that they are under the influence of negative forces despite the accuracy of the prediction. Leadership in the Black community can be guilty of the same crime as charlatans of this nature, depending on the quality of the emotional food they distribute to their flock.

Our native Sun passes through twelve signs of the zodiac on a yearly basis. If we liken these zodiac signs to schools of thought in the African American community, then the most important thing for us to be is the star of our own destiny.


Warlock Asylum

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