Initiation is the Key Part 1: Understanding The Initiatory Process of Ninzuwu

Wafubeh. Recently, the question of initiation came up in one of the Art of Ninzuwu’s closed discussion groups. The question proposed was aimed at understanding how one should go about getting acquainted with the energies of the Ninzuwu Cosmos. Questions of this nature are quite understandable as there are several Ninzuwu texts in circulation with quite a few energies (entities) listed therein. Therefore, this post is designed to clear up any misconceptions in this regard.

Understanding the Initiatory Process in the Art of Ninzuwu.

First, it is important for initiates and students of the Ninzuwu Current to understand that there is a set path of initiation. Ninzuwu is not an open-bar spirituality where you pick up a few books on the topic and then use what you need according to your own understanding. Each text is a gate within itself and should be understood before moving to the next or the complexities of life are bound to increase. This is revealed to us in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“Yet, the Baptism of the Ancient One must occur for initiation is the key. There are others who possess keys of this nature and these key can be shared if they entered the Dream in the same manner.”

In this excerpt from Johuta the Mirror, as revealed in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, initiation is a vital part of our work. The Ninzuwu walk the path of the Way, the motion of the cosmos in order to stay in tune with ourselves. Yet, we do not claim this process of knowledge is limited to Ninzuwu metaphysics, as “there are others who possess keys of this nature”. However, if they do not enter the Dream in the same manner, we are not to incorporate such understandings into our practices.

Out of those interested in Ninzuwu, very few are able to walk upon the path because of infatuations with ancient cultures and other common misunderstandings about occult science. Imagine if you met a person talking about life should be how it was 2,000 years ago and we should revert back to the technologies of this era? Of course, you may think of the person as a little ill since our methods of survival have improved dramatically since this time. In the same manner, so has an occult technology and our understanding of its laws, which are the Books of the Dreams itself. This is clearly pointed out in the description of the Mercurial essence of the Ninzuwu Ghost Dragon Aixu as found in the Sacred Text of Ghost Dragon Kotodama, where we read:

“All initiation is Karma. And those who are asleep in the Dream, are those who are ignorant that every Dream is a measurement of Karma.”

Karma is divine law, known in Ninzuwu as Ni Yohak. Each realm that the Initiate encounters have its own laws, which must be invoked and studied to understand the principles (lives) at work. Thus, when the Initiate encounters a new entity, they are in effect studying a new law. When the spirit takes it seat upon the throne, it can guide its reality by extending its sovereignty through the use of laws (entities). The process itself is what creates the Dream. Astrology works in the same way. The philosophical planets represent laws which rotate around the Sun, the supreme symbol of self.

The same laws that are operating within the universe are also within us and work equally on a physical, emotional, and psychological level. We are not separate from orbital patterns of Karma for it due to such that our existence owes its origin. It is not necessary that each incantation is remembered but the essential knowledge of the Dream must be understood. Ninzuwu is universal Shinto and not attached to Japanese Imperialism, but recognizes an eternal world order of shamanism still operative, but distant from the lives of modern-day humanity.

Let’s take for example the first Dream entered by the Ninzuwu is the Ivory Tablets of the Crow. One of the laws that are invoked in this course of study is the Ayaqox, which represents the law of desire and lust. As one gains memory of the Ayaqox incantation in the tome, they will begin to observe how they interact with his law and the effect it has upon their psyche. As they begin to memorize the Ayaqox calling, the initiate will draw out his own set of tests and temptations. Yet, if he/she remains pure they will understand that they are witnessing this energy working through them and their experience, which is the process of initiation in itself. The nature of the energies invoked can vary, and in some cases, if the initiate isn’t properly prepared, can become a dangerous undertaking. Given all of these factors, the main objective of initiation is the raising the spirit to the throne or allowing the soul to shine through, a process, which begins with the Baptism of the Ancient One or acts of self-empowerment. If a persona follows the template provided in the texts, they will achieve much. Additional information and insights can be obtained by joining a Ninzuwu study group with sincere interest.

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