Ninzuwu History & Personal Experiences

Greetings! The Art of Ninzuwu has a very deep history, stretching back to times of remote antiquity. This page not only features articles discussing such history, but personal experiences by those engaged in the Art itself.

The Historical Meaning of the term Nyarzir

The First Book of Dream

New Historical Evidence That Supports The Ivory Tablets of the Crow

My Experience With Calling The Shamuzi

Understanding the Rite of Johuta the Mirror

Amaterasu Omikami: The Force of Kundalini

A Proper Definition of the Shinto Term Kami: Excerpt From The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan

The Stone Bowl of Eternity: A Testimony

Before The Big Bang: Modern Science Has Confirmed What Shinto Priests Knew Long Ago

The World’s Oldest Occultist: Plant or Human?

Since Plant & Trees Engage in the Sacred Act of Prayer: Can They Also Tell Us About The Origin of Religion?

Wonder Woman

The Art of Ninzuwu History Class Part 1: The Divine Spark Within

Shinto: The Religion of the Ancient Sumerians

Mesopotamian Melammu: The Armor of Amaterasu Omikami

The Jomon Period

The Proto-Indo-European Language & Transhumanism: Does Scientific Racism Exist in Modern Science Today?

Omohi-kane-no-Kami (OmoiKane): The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto: Gatekeeper of the Astral World in Ninzuwu-Shinto Cosmology

Mirrors in Central Asian Shamanic Tradition (The Wu and Genghis Khan)


The Mystery of Utsuro-Bune Has Been Solved

Understanding Shinto’s Heavenly Parent: Ame-Yudzuru-Hi-Ame-No-Sagiri-Kuni-Yudzuru-Tsuki-Kuni-No-Sagiri-no-Mikoto

A History of Japanese Participation in America’s Civil Rights Movement

History of the Japanese Slaves Sent to America, Africa, and Europe in the 16th Century

Yokai the Ancient Kami: Forces of Nature vs Civilization

Discovering The Art of Ninzuwu’s Soul of Fire Historical Foundation in Japanese Folklore

Finding The Art of Ninzuwu In An Ancient Sumerian Deity

Working Towards The Priesthood & Guidance From The Fahmu

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