The Sword of Ninzuwu


This is my own translation of the original article in spanish (La espada de Ninzuwu), hope you enjoy it!

Blinded by a superficial view of the obvious, we often forget that man was never but one and the same entity. The journey to the immortal spirit begins with the submission of astral matter to the True Will. Submission is silence. Silence is fullness. In the full silence the mystery of the immortal spirit is revealed.

The mystery of the immortal spirit is found in the silence, but not by silence.The Silence forget the silent, remember the truth, commemorates the cultivation of the growing garden —only form of submission.The cultivation is exercise and all activities can simultaneously also be a form of cultivation.

Man builds, the magician destroys and rebuilds, the priest patiently awaits his death. And when death occurs the three are one and the same with life. What else is life but a river that runs? Man no longer built, the wizard no longer rebuilds, the priest no longer wait. Three-in-one die in the substantive to be born in the verb unlimited. What is life if not an unlimited verb?

The journey to the immortal spirit is a state of consciousness, an eternal and everlasting arrive and go at once. The word changes extension for intention, and that’s how the light reflected from the edge of the sword Ninzuwu is felt in the world.

The perception is born submitted to speech, and is released when the personality, made of astral matter, undergoes. And in the subjugation of the personality perception has its freedom. What is man but perception and transmission?

Shortly after birth is activated a function on him that lets to choose how to transmit and, by your option, be discriminated from other men, build on that difference in strengthening the role converted into Self. The choice on how to convey not influence the perception always received one and the same speech.

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  1. This is a very important post! nice work

  2. Thank you for translation. It’s a piece of gold. 🙂

  3. Very nice post ! 🙂

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