Warlock Asylum’s Review of Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers by Ann L. Evans

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It is a blessing to share in the joy of the Kami. My life has been greatly enhanced by the Art of Ninzuwu. Recently, I had the opportunity to obtain a copy of Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers by Ann Llewellyn Evans. I must say that this is a very profound work about the Shinto Tradition.

Ann Evans is a Shinto Priestess, trained at Tsubaki O Kami Yashiro, one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan. Originally, I bought this book in digital format, but wanted a printed version for my own research. I found it to be one of the few book written by someone of non-Japanese descent that captures the “emotion” of Shinto. Evans writes:

“Spirituality is not developed by intellectual means more than the body’s physical condition can be toned by reading an exercise book. Prayer and ritual are spiritual exercises-they sharpen the soul to keener awareness…..perseverance and practice with sincerity of the heart will bring a mystical, vibrant connections to the divine.”

Another beautiful jewel I found in this book is the FORWARD written by Rev. Dr. Yukitaka Yamamoto, which elaborates on the importance of Rev. Ann Evans work and translation of so many beautiful prayers into English. Rev. Ann Evans was mentored by Rev. Koichi Barrish, Senior Shinto Priest at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America. Rev. Barrish has been a great pioneer and ambassador, working in bringing an understanding of Shinto spirituality to the West. It is a blessing to know of his involvement in editing the “Chinkon” section of the text.

A lot of the work presented in the text are in both English and Japanese script. The text also includes a unique glossary of many of the terms found in Shinto practice, and a pronunciation guide. Essays on various Shinto rituals.

While Ninzuwu-Shinto practice is different in its perception and practices from what is normally classified as State Shinto, the spiritual science of has the same aim and intent. Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers by Ann Llewellyn Evans is a classic work that all can benefit from. We wish Rev. Ann L. Evans all the best in her endeavors, as her gift to the world is deeply appreciated.

Stay Blessed

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