As A Woman Thinketh – Featuring Cin Diesel & Radharani Ankhara Leoni – Is Now On YouTube!

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We are happy to announce the release of The Art of Ninzuwu Part 15: As A Woman Thinketh -featuring Cin Diesel and Radharani Ankhara Leoni. This is the first digital-theatre presentation that is designed for adherents of Ninzuwu culture and the general public.

As A Woman Thinketh is a very unique production. It is still based on real-life experiences that occur in Ninzuwu culture, but also of those who are closely associated with its constituents, people who are working to improve the society.

This animated movie features the personas of Cin Diesel and Radharani Ankhara Leoni. Some of our regular readers may remember a recent interview we conducted with Cin Diesel and her work in the community. This movie highlights Diesel’s work and some of the objectives of her newly-formed organization, along with a touch of “Cindy Diesel” persona.

Radharani Ankhara Leoni is the other character featured in this production. Ankhara, as she is commonly known, has been a big supporter of Ninzuwu culture for quite some time. One of the real-life themes of this production is her relationship with its members and how she comes into an understanding of its precepts after living a life of pain. In the movie, Ankhara is challenged by her mentor, Warlock Asylum, with whom she shares a questionable past .

This is the fifteenth Art of Ninzuwu production. Fifteen is the sacred number of the infamous Sumero-Babylonian deity Inanna, who was later known popularly as Ishtar. Inanna/Ishtar is a Venusian goddess. Ironically, and unknowing to the producers of this digital theatre experience, both Cin Diesel and Ankhara are Venusian signs, Libra and Taurus respectively.

We have additional appearances by the legendary Jack LR Williams. Momma Louise, and Krystian Robert Ciechowicz. Some interesting perspectives are also presented by the animated film’s co-stars, Rafael Barrio, Priscilla Lieneke, and Catherine Stelle.

I am sure that a production of such magnitude and psychological content will spark some conversation. One question that has arisen, however, is if this digital-theatre presentation will eventually lead to a regular series featuring Cin Diesel and Radharani Ankhara Leoni? We appreciate your input in such matters and have provided a poll that will determine several things in regards to any future productions.

As A Woman Thinketh can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Additionally, we kindly ask for your input by participating in the polls that appear at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

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2 replies

  1. That was the whoopeesh episode! I want more the action is thrilling!

  2. That was amazing! I liked also very much the intro ”phone call” ! More please of such productions 🙂

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