Mothman Prophecies: Thunderbirds the North American Tengu

*Albeit the article is short, the Hyperlinks will elaborate for you. For a more in depth study into this topic I suggest you click them. This is only the summary of a brief thought.

“When the wild beast roamed the earth in large numbers, and you could hear the large birds flapping their wings at a long distance, it was the Moors that took the sword and went out and splayed the beast so that civilization could come in.” – Noble Drew Ali.

Thunderbird on North American Rock Art

Shape-shifting Thunderbird Shaman on North American Rock Art

This large bird, the Thunderbird of North America is the Zu bird of Mesopotamia and the Tengu of Nippon. The Primeval Shaman. As the Tribes of North America said, the Thunderbirds could take on human form by removing their beaks as mask and some even intermarried into humanity. A symbol of great medicine to the nomads, and a primordial force to be tamed and conquered by the legends of civilization… Could the ‘Mothman‘ be a Thunderbird? According to the indigenous people of Ohio, the Mothman was a Thunderbird, tied to the Curse of Chief Hokoleskwa(Cornstalk).  Much like a Tiangou the ‘Mothman’ of Point Pleasant was a harbinger of ill omen (change) for civilization. The Mothman even displayed an array of supernatural abilities shared by it’s Japanese counterpart the Tengu.  And from Tiangou we derive Tengu. A Ninzuwu, or ‘One Appearing as the Embodiment of Life and Death (Change)’!


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3 replies

  1. your idea is possible but not true ,u need a deeper understanding of the first nations cosmology .Plus wreath thunder beings come from in origin .

  2. were thunder beings come from not in geography but origin. Plus this medicine is alive so books cannot lead u ,and its also very dangerous.

  3. If anything, the Thunderbirds correspond to the moiety of ”angels” called ”the thunders of judgement and wrath”.

    Raven on the otherhand could indeed be called the primordial Tengu-king of the americas..

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