Mesopotamian Melammu: The Armor of Amaterasu Omikami


In the Art of Ninzuwu we have constantly drawn connections between the Jomon period of prehistoric Japan and ancient Mesopotamia.  One of the key practices in the Art of Ninzuwu, invoking the Armor of Amaterasu, can be found in the Akkadian text, the Enuma Elish, as well as the practices of all Assyrian and Akkadian kings.  Melammu is translated as “Mantle of Radiance” and was first bestowed by Tiamat upon the 11 Monsters she spawned in the Enuma Elish to combat the younger generation of noisy gods that disturbed her.  Correlations have been drawn between Tiamat and Amaterasu Omikami in the Art of Ninzuwu and by various other authors. When we study the Melammu of Tiamat, however, we can see that it is the very same black flame armor of Amaterasu Omikami.

As quoted from our previous article:

Its quite interesting that the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami is described as a “black armor.” This idea has even made its way into fiction. The following website states:

“Armour of Amaterasu (天照の鎧,Amaterasu no Yoroi) is a altered version of Amaterasu created by Kiba Uchiha due to his lack of control of the Black Flames. To use this technique the user must cover himself with the water of Yin-Yang Release: Sarutahiko and then with a lot of control incinerate himself with the black flames. If used in a proper ratio the water of Yin-Yang Technique protects the body from the black flames as well as provide a surface for the black flames to continue burning. The Black flames completely surround the User and act as a shield for techniques by the method of burning on contact.”


Michael Ford, the occult writer and author of Maskim Hul: Babylonian Magick, wrote this of the Melammu:


Melammu was originally possessed by Apsu, Tiamat and then she gave this potent cosmic radiance to the 11 Chaos-Monsters, Kingu received the Tablets of Destiny and this divine light as well.  Medieval alchemist had a name for the concept of this light, which they associated as the light in the depths of darkness.  The light they write of, Melammu is called the “Sun in the Earth”, the earthly, invisible sun is called “black sun” and “fire of hell”.

Here we can see consistently, that the Sun and the Earth is inherently connected.  So Amaterasu being ascribed the attributes of the sun and Tiamat, a primordial sea-earth goddess, does not mean they are not one and the same. The Armor of Amaterasu Omikami as well as the Melammu is consistently described as a “black flame” and the “fires of hell”.

In the book God at Sinai: Covenant and Theophany in the Bible and Ancient Near East author Jeffrey J. Niehaus wrote:

Mesopotamian kings claimed to have a divine aura or melammu that endowed life, inspired awe, and cast all foes into utter confusion.

Like the Holy Spirit, the melammu could be endowed, and it could be taken away. The Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation tablets dating from the early second millennium, include an example of its endowment. The sea dragon goddess Tiamat prepared terrible serpents/dragons to aid her in battle. once she had created them, “she made them bear an awesome radiance [melammu], she made them [thus] like gods”
Another fact relevant to the endowment of the Spirit in Acts is that the melammu appeared about the head. The Enuma Elish makes this clear. When the god Marduk went forth to do battle with Tiamat, “the awesome radiance [melammu], overwhelming, [was] upon his head.”

The invocation of the Armor of Amaterasu Omikami begins with the Vasuh letter Zhee above the Crown of the head, the Melammu is bestowed in the same manner.  The Melammu (Mantle of Radiance) was often described as an armor worn by Mesopotamian kings, which inspired awe and fear due to its intensity.  To wear this armor means one is a child of Tiamat, much like every Emperor of Japan claimed lineage from Amaterasu Omikami herself. This confirms that the original bestower of the Melammu is Amaterasu Omikami and the practices of the Akkadian and Assyrian kings of Mesopotamia likely came from adherents of the ancient Shinto paradigm during the Jomon period in Japan.  As stated in the Art of Ninzuwu’s proper context of chronology, Dilmun (Land of the Rising Sun), was originally Japan. The nomadic tribes, bringing with them the practices of Shinto, such as invoking the black flame armor of Amaterasu Omikami, eventually became known as the Melammu in ancient Mesopotamia.

It is important to remember that when invoking the name of an energy; one should use the original names of the cultures that revered the said energy as opposed to the names found in latter cultures they may have been demonized the same energies. Using a derogatory name to invoke an energy will give you only partial and/or negative aspects of the energy you are dealing with. The Empire of Mu, which included parts of the Americas, Oceana and Asia was ruled by Amaterasu Omikami, as a matriarchy.  The priesthoods of Mesopotamia that broke away from the Empire of Mu are partly are represented in mythology (Enuma Elish and Nihon Shoki) as the younger pantheon of gods that rebelled against the Matriarch to install Patriarchy as a way of life, demonizing and depicting the primordial mother goddess, Mumu-Tiamat as a monster.

The Melammu brings a clearer perspective on the connections of both Shinto and Mesopotamian traditions as brought to Western Asia by the Cult of Nyarzir. It is written in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

After the birth of Johuta, the people in the village began to make gossip, concerning Nudzuchi, and accused her of practicing necromancy, since Johuta, like Xuz wore black armor. The people began treating Nudzuchi like an evil spirit. So Xuz took his family up to the mountains for a short while, teaching Johuta the wisdom of the lands that he acquired during his journeys and their mysterious languages, also the path that connects many lands, which were unknown to merchants during that time.

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  1. Excellent debut article, brother Drizzle! This is definitely one for the library! In the book, Outer Gateways, Kenneth Grant associates Tiamat with the Kami:

    “Tiamat will once more rule the Earth”. Her other number, 71, is the number of Lam, and of the Kami, a name bestowed in ancient Japan upon the Old Ones whom the Egyptians named the Sami.”

    These thoughts are also found in Michael Bertiaux’s Voudun Gnostic Workbook:

    “The worship of the magickal and metaphysical powers of the Sun is a very high form of the most ancient gnosis. The most ancient religions have always acknowledged the powers of the Sun. The solar cuitus is the beginning of human spirituality. The purpose of the sanctuary teachings is to bring about spiritual renewal and transformation. The Master M.A., who is the master of the rays, is the messenger of the Sun goddess and the gnostic awakening. By making use of the prayers, meditations, and rituals which you will be taught, you will awaken yourself to the divine power present in experience. The physical Sun is the symbol of the divine Sun, with each thought try to bring yourself closer and closer to the Mother Goddess.”

  2. Congratulations on your first article! I’ve enjoyed your articles on the forum for a while now, and your debut article on the blog did not disappoint! This is really great information! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Beautiful, for talking truth about Tiamat/Amaterasu and the Mantle. I was thinking of it a few days ago. Blessings we will love to read more of your writings.

  4. Thank you for the support and encouragement. Its great to be studying and doing the work with the types of positive people that are attracted to the Art of Ninzuwu. I will be glad to add on more articles whenever the inspiration comes to do so.

  5. Thank you Drizzle for your article. This is good piece of work.

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