Special Announcement: Papasan Memorial Get-Together & Training Exchange – Old Rusty Guy Ryu


A FULL DAY OF MARTIAL FELLOWSHIP, FUN, AND “PLAY” in the spirit and memory of Papasan:

An informal, “family” affair – martialists and Buyu from several states will get together to share time, food, fire, drinks, memories, and tactics in the spirit of Ed Martin. Let’s make memories and take home new material. Cash for food and drink is encouraged, we will take a vote on skirt steak vs hamburger as the date approaches.

LOCATION: GRASS, FOREST, WOOD FLOOR, Medlock Bridge Clubhouse, 5660 Timson Lane, Johns Creek, GA 30022

Bring a gi if you want a pretty picture. No dress code. Masks optional.

Thom Humphreys is our leader for this event. Folks from Papasan’s OGR family will come to share a story, a waza/tactic, and then we will allow further friendly development to occur thereafter.

Fri 6PM-Midnight – a meal, drinks, and a fire – story time
Sat 10AM – 4PM training TBD as contributors step up
Sun 10AM -1PM training to cement Saturday work and answer any remaining questions

All arts and hearts are welcome. Organizers (Thom Humphreys & Jack LR Williams) are working on local tent/campsites for attendees. For more info please click on the Eventbrite link.

Categories: Art of Ninzuwu, Jack LR Williams, martial arts, Martial Arts schools, martial arts training group, Old Rusty Guy Ryu, Papasan Memorial, Thom Humphreys

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