What Are The Benefits of Working With The Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami?

One of the distinct paths in the Art of Ninzuwu is the systematic practices contained in the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami. For the most part, the information in this text and how it pertains to Ninzuwu is easy to follow. The Armor also holds a rare initiation into the rites of Owatasumi-no-Mikoto. Recently, however, the question was raised about the benefits of practicing the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami, which I will address in this post.

1-Simon Necronomicon: One of the benefits of the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami is its ability to banish qliphotic energies. This is even acknowledged in the Simon Necronomicon. Under its introductory topic of Banishings, we read:

“The rituals, incantations, formulae of this Book are of ancient origin, comprising some of the oldest written magickal workings in Western occult history. The deities and demons identified within have probably not been effectively summoned in nearly six thousand years. Ordinary exorcisms and banishing formulae have thus far proved extremely inadequate: this, by experienced magicians. Hence, the following recommendations.

The religion of the ancient Sumerian peoples seems to have been lunar-oriented, a religion – or religion – magickal structure – of the night, of darkness in a sense. Invocations using solar formulae have proved thus far effective in successfully banishing NECRONOMICON demons and intelligences. For instance, the Kaddish prayer of the Jewish faith contains some solar elements that have proved resilient to inimical genii, and the vibration of the Lord’s Prayer for Christians is also a workable method.

We suggest that individual operators utilize an equivalent solar (i.e., positive light) invocation from their own religion or the religion of their ancestors, should the no longer have a religion or should they have changed it in their lifetime.”

For practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon that do not wish to associate themselves with any monotheistic rites, but need to use solar working to banish the energies found in the Simon tome, the Armor of Amaterasu provides an effective means of doing so. The Armor of Amaterasu is a solar rite and doesn’t compromise one’s allegiance to animistic spirituality.

2-Healing: Due to its purification properties, learning the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami can aid in healing. I had one client who was a hypnotherapist. He had suffered from pain in his knee that prevented him from playing sports. After taking one session the pain went away. You can read more about his testimony here. The Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami works especially against diseases like diabetes and cancer.

3-Initiation: The Armor of Amaterasu Ohlami can be worked as a system all to its own. The text describes many of the increased psychic abilities that are enhanced or bestowed from regular practice. Additionally, the practitioner gains a relationship with the kami.

Out of all the rites contained within the Art of Ninzuwu, it seems that many people find the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami to be of benefit in greatly improving one’s prosperity.

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  1. I am a seeker of knowledge on the middle path.

    I’ve been experimenting with different spiritual lights and colors. In one of my experiments, I made a black flame surround and engulf me.

    When I channel negative energy into it, it is a flat black, and it seems to burn up the negative energies. It causes euphoria, but it leaves my body feeling sore.

    When I channel positive energy into it, it has a reflective sheen, and it seems to transmute the negative energies. It causes a sense of serenity and it leaves my body feeling relaxed.

    I have scoured the internet for information on the black flame, black sun, melammu, yet I still haven’t found any useful information.

    Can you point me in the right direction to find advanced knowledge about the black flame?
    I learn quickly and I incorporate new concepts easily.

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