Real QiGong: Principle And Practicum (3-Part Webinar) by Sharif Anael Bey


Sifu Sharif Anael Bey is a strong leader in the martial arts community and takes a sincere approach towards his practice. In an effort to share some of the esoteric gems found in Asiatic cosmology, he will be hosting a three-fold series on QiGong on 12/19/20, 12/21/20, and 1/9/21. This is an excellent opportunity to learn some of the basic principles surrounding QiGong and ascertaining the benefits of the practice on a personal level. Register now.

Categories: announcements, Art of Ninzuwu, martial arts, Martial Arts schools, martial arts training group, Qi Gong, QiGong, Sharif Anael Bey (Sifu)

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  1. Greetings I was not able to make it to sign up for the Chi-gung webinar on a short notice. I was not ready budget wise, I am now can you let me purchase even if it is not live I will pay for a recorded version rather than live.

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