Greetings! This is a new page featuring Interviews with people involved in various mystical traditions and fields of academic study. Please note that some people who are interviewed on this page art not practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu and may walk a different path entirely. However, we find that the true Initiate is not limited to the psychological boundaries of common man and can benefit from the said wisdom of others.

Interview With Akachi Lamb

Interview With Mystic Gregory Peters

Interview With Legendary Donald Michael Kraig

Interview With Grandmaster Ashida Kim

Interview With Historian Antony Cummins

Interview With Author Jonathan Blank

Interview With The Legendary Lenon Honor

Interview With Legendary Scholar and Translator of Japanese Folklore- Zack Davisson

Interview With Hypnotherapist Kiu Takabe

Interview With Japanese Spiritualist Eko Hata

Interview With Author Bobby Derie

Interview With Healer Robyn Polo

Interview With THE GOD 720

Interview With Soul Inspirator Cindy Nicole

Interview With A Ninzuwu-American: Drizzle

Interview With Ninpo Taijutsu Practitioner: Noah Chace

Interview With The Multi-Talented Jennifer Edwards

Interview With Professor Qinling Wang

Interview With Rafael Barrio

Interview With Martial Artist Jack LR Williams

Interview With Yoga Instructor Stephanie Delmanto

Interview With Shihan Ron Collins

Interview With Magick La Croix

Interview With Dr. Prabhu Karuna

Interview With Martial Arts Instructor Jeff Christian

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  1. Where can I get a shamman coach?

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