Questions From Our Readers

Greetings! The Art of Ninzuwu is a rare spiritual practice that has origins reaching back to times of remote antiquity. Many of our readers, and those newly interested in the art, can contact us with questions concerning this spiritual practice and how it relates to other phenomena in today’s world by sending an email to Listed below are articles featuring questions from our readers. Stay blessed!

Is the Art of Ninzuwu a modern-day form of Onmyodo?

Where Can I Find Information That God and the Creator are NOT One and the Same?

Is the Art of Ninzuwu the fulfillment of the Voudon Gnostic Workbook’s prophecy about Shinto?

What is Shinto? Is it a Religion?

Why is the Mirror A Sacred Emblem In Shinto & What Does This Mean for Ninzuwu Practitioners?

How is the Term Johuta Used in Ninzuwu & What Does It Mean In Japanese?

Is The Art of Ninzuwu A Legitimate Spiritual Path? Remember O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

What is the Origin of the Term Ninzuwu?

What is the Nyarzirian Calendar?

Is Membership to the Art of Ninzuwu Limited To A Particular Ethnicity or Race of People?

3 replies

  1. would like to begin to overstand the concept of the sacred tablets of the crow

  2. .Ninzuwu invokes the mudra / mantra formulae associated with each hexagram
      Where can I see these mudras? I have never seen it in the literature those
    take some pics pls

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