Warlock Asylum’s Review of THE AGE OF I KNOW: UNMASKING THE MAGICIANS By Vera Courtenay

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A few years ago, I was blessed to discover the work of Vera Courtenay. Popularly known for her YouTube videos, Vera has made quite an impact on those who follow her work. It is with brutal honesty that Sister Vera has exposed many spiritual frauds by just sharing her experience as a sincere truth-seeker searching for answers. There is a little bit of Sister Vera in all of us. Unfortunately, pride and the ego’s web of supplanting self-identity with religious belief has blocked many potential warriors of truth in fulfilling their journey of self-awareness. Sister Vera is an example of a spiritual warrior who is not compromised by the whims of religious claims. Still, it is only the beginning!


In her new book, The Age of I Know: Unmasking The Magicians, Sister Vera shares with us a vital knowledge by relating the steps of her journey in a concise and honest manner. After reading her book, I must say that Sister Vera has published a package that is worth more than what it is advertised for. Not only does this book contain a rare and valued glimpse at the true gods of the Bible, it is also a literary masterpiece.

The Age of I Know is slightly less than a hundred pages, but the book is larger than the standard 5 x 8 or 6 x 9. Sister Vera has a very unique style of writing, one that I’ve never seen before, a signature to her own persona. Sister Vera makes her presence known in each sentence of this book, each sentence capturing a vision of her own journey that we too share some part in.

Sister Vera begins the book with a nice dedication to her family and all the support they have shown. In the Introduction, she explains the meaning of the book’s title, The Age Of I Know, and its significance in these modern times.

The Age of I Know also brought up some deep emotions in my experience. Sister Vera covers parts of her journey that includes her indoctrination into the Jehovah’s Witness faith and what factors inspired her to move on in the continued search for a truth that the Watchtower refuses to provide. This part of the book was really a reminder of my own childhood struggles with this very same religion. I am sure there are many who faced some of these same challenges in their lives. The Age of I Know provides bountiful information useful to former Jehovah’s Witnesses, who no longer have to feel conflicted for exercising their Creator-given ability of following their own intuition.

After the trials and tribulation of being and leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses are recounted in the book, we enter the experience of the Hebrew Israelite. One thing I like about the presentation given by Sister Vera, is that the reader is able to feel the spirit of each experience she shares.

In some ways, Sister Vera’s evolution is a tale of finding the ancestry of the mysterious force that rules Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There is so much to be gained from The Age of I Know, but I will leave those pleasant surprises for the sincere truth-seeker to unravel as they read her work. Sister Vera has made her mark upon the literary world. Sister Vera is able to unmask the evil magicians of the world, share some of her life story and discovery of truth, but also concluded this soon-to-be legendary work in peace.

Sister Vera is able to come to a place of peace and even acknowledge many of the blessings she gained from each phase in her spiritual revolution even though it may conflict with the beauty of her nature today. She is free because of her honest. She is pure because of her sincerity. The Age of I Know is an answer to all we have forgotten.

Vera Courtenay, author of The Age of I Know: Unmasking the Magicians-Bible Exposed!

Vera Courtenay, author of The Age of I Know: Unmasking the Magicians-Bible Exposed!

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  1. Vera Courtenay’s “The Age of I Know: Unmasking The Magicians – All religions exposed” is a beautifully poetic and poignantly written mélange of personal testimonies that accurately illustrate the crises of the whole of the human experience, as a result of religious dogma and spiritual fanaticism. The author speaks unabashedly from the heart, with pure passion and righteous indignation. Courtenay’s indictment, evidently, fully engages against those disreputable spirits parading as divine authorities, trafficking their art of deception within this realm, and reveals a kind of nefariousness and spiritual chicanery that exists far outside the boundaries of simple human psychology. The Age of I Know… verily unmasks the real architects behind the machinations of the biblical God(s), religion, and its detrimental effects of polarization and indoctrination.

    As the reader begins their journey within the pages of this work, he/she will almost instantaneously sense, and, be enveloped in the benevolent energies, wisdom, mysteries, and frequencies of TRUTH and LIGHT that guide the author’s pen! Undoubtedly, one will progressively increase their inner and overstanding, be able to fill in the gaps, and correct what has been illegally settled within and upon the seat of the sacred self. Courtenay’s order of language speaks to the realization of the principals of spiritual alchemy, and is evidently at work behind the veil of this piece. The learned readers will be truly amazed at how identical their discoveries of the many lies and delusions of the Bible are to hers! For me, those moments were profoundly re-affirming and spiritually invigorating.

    Courtenay’s testimony as a Jehovah’s Witness, and as a Black Hebrew Israelite, reveals the level of mental, spiritual, psychological, and emotional strength and rectitude of the author. What she endured was unimaginably the highest degree of deception, mind marauding, pious fraud, and overall abuse. Nonetheless, her loss is truly our gain. I say that with the utmost respect and adoration for her and her life experiences. One can surely empathize, yet celebrate those very precious and enlightening moments of spiritual growth and development. Following her stages of evolution and transformation became a type of spiritual catharsis; witnessing the degrees and metamorphoses of the soul’s pursuit of freedom and liberation from the imprisonment of indoctrination and attempted annihilation of the sacred self.

    Overall, “The Age of I Know: Unmasking The Magicians – All religions exposed” is a colorful and artistic polemic that defines the struggles of the processes of spiritual awakening and the discovery of TRUTH versus FICTION. Courtenay’s relay of her own personal experiences is quite simply an indictment, a mirror, an exposé, and a gateway into the world of religious psychosis, mental abuse, spiritual disillusionment, word sorcery, and cognitively distorted human madness. It is a compelling literary provocation; especially seeking the attention of receptive listeners who will relate and react; a summons so-to-speak—petitioning the examiner to fully scrutinize the occult roots and branches of what we now know as “the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” (aka, the Bible). The Age of I Know…is thought provoking, provocative, and not for the faint of heart.

    Vera, thank you so much for your willingness to serve as a scribe and mouthpiece for what the ALL, the Great Alchemist, desires for us to know!

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